Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tough Cookie

Emily is an allstar. She gets major props for putting up with A LOT from her big sister. She is usually such a good sport and usually enjoys all of Caroline's shananagins. But, last night was a bit much.

Scene 1: Emily was sitting sweetly playing in their play kitchen and came upon the realization that when she bangs her metal pot on the floor, it makes a wonderful loud noise. She and I giggle and play with it for awhile.

Big sister enters the scene. I get up to empty dishwasher while they are occupied, "playing with each other".

After a few too many bangs on the floor something new is discovered. Caroline proceeds to BANG BANG BANG (about 4 times) the metal pot on Emily's HEAD. Tears. Poor sweet thing...Emily you are such a champ. Crying only lasted a few seconds and you she was happy again.

Scene 2...about 1 hour later: After I bathed the girls they were running naked through the house and finally made it to Emily's room where I get them both diapered and pj'd for the night. Caroline starts to play wrestle with Em, all smiles and giggles. Caroline learns to blow "rasberries" or "zerberts" on Emily's naked little self. Still giggles. I leave the room to grab a pair of pj's for Caroline, and I hear SMACK SMACK SMACK (about 5 smacks this time) and return to find out that Caroline was spanking Emily's bottom!! She recovered quickly, but BLESS her little heart.


Do you comfort the hurting child 1st or discipline the unruly toddler 1st?? I need two bodies at these precise moments.

Caroline was not being ugly or mean in either situations, she is just REALLY exploring this hitting thing. Let's pray this stage passes sooner than later!

A few random pictures from our week. The girls are waking up at different times in the morning- Emily around 7 and Caroline around 8. This works well so that I get some "alone" time with Emily and we can snuggle without any interruptions....not that we have ANY interruptions usually. LOL. Since I don't want to wake the other (while Caroline is still sleeping, or when Emily goes back down for 1st nap) I have been giving the girls their breakfast in the living room. So that is why these pics are of the girls eating in the living room. Truly, the only pics I have taken this week. Sorry. Will try to do better. :)

Emily exploring the "Breakfast of Champions" she sees her mommy drink each morning. No, she didn't have the cap off. Promise.

Helping with the trash maintenence.

We made a snowman puppet on Monday when we had a light snow. She tore off all of it's accesories by noon, but we still had fun with Frosty.

We are bracing ourselves for a BIG snow tomorrow...may get up to 9 inches!!! I am totally over the snow. Being cooped up inside is not so much fun. But we will survive. It is supposed to get nice and warm over the weekend, so hopefully it will melt our blizzard snow away in no time.

I am starting to get REALLY excited about our trip to Georgia! Only a week and a half until I take the girls back home for a week visit with grandparents and then a big celebration in Atlanta for Emily's first birthday. I am SO excited. No, really. I am SO excited. Should I say it again? Nah. :) Brad will fly in the day of Emily's bday party and then drive back to Little Rock with us on Sunday.

And finally, a video of one of the girls' wrestling matches. They L-O-V-E to get in each others cribs after naps and will play forever! No one has gotten hurt yet, but as you can see in this video, it gets a little rough! Caroline body slams Em at the end...hilarious.

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