Saturday, March 10, 2012


My precious 2 year old continually takes my breath away with her cuteness!! I always find myself bragging on her stellar smile and beautiful curly-q curls.She is so much fun and is finding her "role" in our crazy family of 5. She is starting to talk more and more but still has a hard time communicating. That leads to the ever so common 2 year old tantrums through out the day mostly because of miscommunication. Although I cannot stand how stinking cute she is right now- the terrible twos are not that much fun. How quickly I forgot with just 15 short months ago we were in this stage with big sis. We will get through it and in the meantime, I will think on these precious peculiarities of my sweet Em:
-She still loves to name and talk about farm animals. If she is ever at a loss of words or doesn't know what to say...the response is inevitably "COW".
-She is changing! It happens with all of them...when they turn 2 their sweet little baby faces turn into big-girl faces. Just as beautiful, but different.
-Emily has just now started showing a real interest in reading/books (SO different than CGH) She will sit and read for a good while and then enjoy reading with me when I can give her 100% of my attention. I love it. 
-She will giggle and cackle laughing ALL day long if you play her games with her. She and Caroline make each other laugh and it warms my soul to hear them.
-She loves her bellybutton- what 2 year old doesn't??
Anyway...I just wanted to take a quick moment and highlight her super special Emilyness. Oh how I love that girl. :)

 In this picture you can see her sleepy-eyes...I love it. My favorite time of the day is in the mornings when they wake up and then after nap when they are still still, quiet, and sleepy. that wrong?? lol
PS- I need to document the "passing" of her dear green lovey she has in all these pictures. Somehow Lovey disappeared last Thursday and we haven't seen it since. :( Thankfully she hasn't put up much of a fight and we have replaced it with another one. I am counting on finding the lovey at some point down the road...I bet in a few months it will show it's face, but by then, her love and affection will belong to the new one.

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