Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Niki has a camera

Aunt Niki has a camera.
And she always has it with her.
And everyone and their brother is always asking her to take pictures.
 And I'm so glad she does :) 

The pictures in the next 3 posts are from our time spent in Milledgeville during our Georgia trip last month.

A girls trip to the cupcake shop on Valentines day.

An evening spent on front campus...it was so nice and quite nostalgic to be at the college that Brad and I went to...and have our 3 kiddos with us! It is still as picture perfect as before and we loved playing outside.

The girls got to meet their 2nd cousin (?) Caylin.  We loved visiting with Dena and Phillip.

I am PRETTY confident that this is a little bit of a different picture than the ones we used to take...but I love it 3x more!!

Aunt Sarah had the fantastic idea of taking the girls to Monkey Joe's in Warner Robins. I had never spent a Valentines Day in an inflatable jumping place...but their is a new normal we are embracing these days. We are so thankful we got to run, jump, and play with all of our family- and friends! We had a surprise visit from my friend Misty and her 3 kids and we got to visit with Brian and Jill and their 5 (almost 6) sweet little ones. We had the whole joint almost to our selves. The girls enjoyed the slushies the most...then the carousel, THEN the fun inflatables:)

More pictures in the last post...
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