Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Georgia 3 of 3

"Aunt Nik Nik...you are great with the camera and all...but we really aren't feeling it right now."
Too funny.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben drove to Milledgeville a few nights that week. We loved getting to spend time with them. Aunt Sarah won the award for most "fun" I think...remember the previous picture with her and Em on the bouncy house..then she got dressed in tutus with the girls...then played horsey with the girls on her legs for endless amounts of time. My girls ate her up...and are still asking WHEN we are going to go back.

SWEET Hannah and Nana

And here they are on the day we packed up and headed west. Day 14 and most of the camera smiles/poses are long gone... the girls faces are hilarious in this picture.

And I will leave you with this picture...

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Can't you just fast forward and see them in 13 years (is that all??) in their first car?? SCARY. Oh my oh my. All I can think of is that commercial that has the dad giving his "little girl" driving instructions and then they show her driving away to college..tear.tear.sniff. I know you know which one I'm talking about. You can admit you cry when you watch it too. I won't judge.

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