Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hannah's Baby Dedication

Last Sunday we had our baby dedication and luncheon for sweet little Hannah. Brad and I committed and dedicated our lives to raising and Hannah in a God-centered home. We want to teach her all about God's love and how He desires to have an intimate relationship with her. Our prayer is that she will one day realize what an amazing gift God has offered her and will become a follower of Christ at an early age. We want to teach her about grace- the amazing grace we are all offered each and every day of our lives. Brad and I are aware that we will be FAR from perfect parents, but we also know God will bless our efforts as we try to teach her about God's love. Here are some pictures from that special day:)

 Those little shoes have been worn by all 3 girls on their baby dedication...Caroline and Emily chewed on them, but Hannah was not quite able to carry on that particular tradition. She enjoyed her yummy hands during the service.

We love you precious Hannah Elizabeth!

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