Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Georgia 2 of 3

Pictures continued...
A beautiful afternoon at the park- they had  a picnic and enjoyed playing in the almost 70 weather:)

A little "driveway" fun. The girls turned the driveway into a playzone and we enjoyed playing outside with Great Grandmommie and Big Papa who came to see us. We also had a fun visit from our friend Valerie and her 2 girls.

I think this is when the sleepy stupor started hitting my girls. Notice their expressions...especially sweet Em. It was only day 13 of our trip...lol...I don't think anymore explanation is needed:)

Hannah got to dress up too:) She only ate a few feathers.

Ahhh...there is the face that is behind the camera most of the time!

We had a fun visit with Mamma, Miriam and Colton (another 2nd cousin-ish??)

More pictures in the next post...
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