Friday, March 23, 2012

Just hanging out...

If you ask Caroline what she has been doing any day of the week her response usually is the same. She says something along the lines of "Oh, we are just hanging out, having a wonderful day!" She sounds so sweet. So happy. So optimistic about her days. We have been having some wonderful days...doing just that...hanging out.

Literally...Hannah hangs out on me in her favorite position.
We've been taking some walks enjoying God's beautiful world around us- taking note of flowers, birds, and gorgeous weather. I do get a few odd looks and "mercy" smiles when people see me pushing my 2 bigs while wearing my 1 little.'s nice to get outside. Especially at 5 o'clock in the evening when everything falls apart.
We've been getting lots of baby Hannah kisses...and Caroline has been practicing her photography skills. 
We have been wide-eyed at the beauty of the spring weather. 
We've been reading A LOT. Emily has a new found love relationships with books. All books. Any books. She reads them all day (usually upside down) and has one in her hands at all moments. She has even slept with a different book the past 2 days. She even knows to pick a "soft" book at bedtime because there is no way mommy will let her sleep with a hard book in the crib. I think last night she slept with a Chick fil a kids meal book about Confucius. She woke up extra wise. The day before she carried around a book about Harriet Tubman.
We have been wearing pj's a lot lately...when it rains outside...we take that as an excuse to stay jammied up all day long.

We have been learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. Every few days we do a craft and visual reminder about a certain fruit of the spirit...we have covered love, joy, and peace. We used the banana to be our "smile" because our hearts are full of JOY! Caroline can recite the whole verse already... but we are really working at learning to use this vocab/terminology in our day to day convo, discipline, and life.
"The fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control." Galatians 5:22
Speaking of JOY...this girl fills my heart with joy:) 
Emilys hair is a thing to be envied. It just is. Her ringlets are amazing when her hair is down, and this perfect bun/twist makes me envision her as a teenager. Love. The hair. Not vision of her as a teen. Don't love that. :( 
Caroline has a new found love affair with glue. Elmer's, clear sticky glue, ANY glue. And I'm the crazy mom that lets her go at it:) Last week it was scissors (and this same crazy mom went and purchased 3 pairs for her). She loves to "craft" and "do projects" as she calls it. It usually just entails making a huge mess all over the floor with tiny snips of paper, washable markers and lots of sticky glue. Sometimes I just draw some simple pictures and let them glue tissue paper all over it. It kills about 10 minutes and it brings this red head SO much joy...
Even Em likes to craft.
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