Monday, June 8, 2009

August....hurry up!!!

Many of you know we have been house hunting for a long time...since we found out about our move to Little Rock. We tried and tried to find the right house, made several offers, with no prevail. It was obvious that God was closing these doors right and left and had something better for us. Since we won't be "rolling in the dough" during Brad's residency and I am choosing to stay at home we were having trouble finding a nice house that we were interested in buying for the right price...which happens to be peas and carrots. :) I was beginning to get a tad frustrated with the idea of not having a house anytime soon. We started to feel "stuck" until.....

We found a darling little neighborhood close to the hospital that is supposedly all the rage. We drove around in it a few nights ago and revisited last night. We found a house for rent in the neighborhood and decided we would do it! Brad signed the lease this afternoon. It is in Cammack Village and adjacent to the Heights/Hillcrest area. Everyone we spoke with reccommended this area to us, but most of the homes were a little to pricey for us to purchase- and they are all older 40's bungalow style homes that need some work/maintenence, so we hadn't looked further into it.

The neighborhood is full of young families and they are out and about walking their babies, playing with their kids in the yard, or visiting the community pool and park that is a block away from our new "home". The house itself is nothing to rave about. It's old and wouldn't be one we would consider buying ourselves, but we decided safety, location, and hospital accessibility ranked high on our list. It is about 10 minutes from the hospital. It has a stores, restaurants, and coffee shops a few blocks away that are easy to walk to. Cammack Village is a city of it's own located in Little Rock and they have their own police dept. that is SERIOUS about keeping the area safe and sound. We saw them paroling several areas as we simply drove around looking at the cute houses. Our landlord mentioned that the police would probably come meet us personally once we moved in and help with anything they can. This area is said to be the safest area of Little Rock which puts my mind at ease. I think we'll love it. We can make any house a home- new or not!

We are kind of excited about renting after owning our home in Macon. We won't be responsible for all the extra's of owning and maintaining a house (fallen trees, exterior wear and tear, roof, selling, etc). When time and money are slim to none, renting started to appeal to us.

I am very excited and we are looking forward to moving out of this apartment in August. Apartment life is not so much fun- noisy neighbors above, multiple trips up and down flights of stairs for groceries and then add a baby into the mix and it seems next to impossible! to come!


  1. Hi Tessa,

    I am so glad you found a house in a great neighborhood ! I would love to see some pictures of your "find".
    We are going to miss you among our 2nd soprano sisters, but I'm glad we can keep up with you through this blog and Facebook.

    Kathy Reed

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited you found a home! That is a major load off! I wanted to call you on my way home today but alas, forgot the phone charger- so now I feel like I atleast am caught up on what's going on! Miss you so much!!!

  3. We're in St Augustine... thanks for this blog.. makes you closer... Love y'all

  4. So happy for y'all, Tess!! sounds like a great set up! i hope i can come visit you someday!! we'll be praying that y'all keep adjusting well!love you!

  5. Congrats! I'm happy you all are settling in to your new routine and home in Little Rock. I look forward to following y'all on this blog ~ such a great idea!

    Love y'all!