Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pinnacle Point Park...aka The Worst Day in Little Rock so far

So our apartment is teeny tiny. I get bored, Brad gets bored, and I know that Caroline gets bored playing with the same toys in the same room with the same lighting etc. When we were in our house we would always have the option of going outside and enjoying our nice yard for a mix in scenery. Apartment life is not so easy to enjoy the great outdoors with. Every day at some point we run out the door, carry the stroller down the flight of stairs, and take a quick stroll around the concrete apartment complex for as long as we can bear the heat. But that doesn't count as real outdoor experience in my mind.
I decided that even though I had hurt my back on Saturday night (not sure exactly the cause, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with lifting my sweet little juicy baby up and down all day) that I would get out and attempt to exercise. That is what my dr. hubby recommended anyway. So I get all geared up, in my exercise clothes, tennis shoes, packed a bag with toys, a beach towel to sit on, lunch for baby (in case we get to stay through lunch time) and head out the door with high expectations. I wanted to go experience Pinnacle Point- a big mountain/state park about 10 m miles away. It was really hot, but I thought we could do it. I slathered Caroline down with sunscreen (and made sure it was on for at least 3o minutes before exposure! :) ) and we got to the park. I pull out the BOB stroller, my hiking/walking companion, and put the tot in.
Well, she wasn't liking it from the get go, but I took the advice of one of my smart mommy friends and decided I would just let her cry a bit while I got my exercise and enjoyed my excursion. Well, the crying turned to shrieking and the fellow hikers, and bird watchers started giving dirty looks. I guess the wildlife doesn't hang around when there is a screaming banshee near by. So I took her out of the stroller, and we headed to a nice grassy area to sit and play. She immediately decided she despised all her favorite toys and found a new affinity for grass. She has always enjoyed touching and feeling plants...since day one. So I thought, ok, let her play. She's allowed to get dirty, we'll bathe when we get home. I think I was successful in not letting her eat any of it, but the grass play only lasted about 5 minutes. She was hot, fussy, and not having it. So our morning out lasted from 9:45 to about 10:25...max. She screamed all the way home in her car seat, and when I finally got her out she had broken out in hives all over her face. Now, as a novice mommy I have learned that my child can work herself up into such a tizzy that she makes herself all read and splotchy- drama queen with a capital DQ. BUT there was something in me that panicked and thought "what if there was something in that grass she was playing with!! She's allergic!!" So I grabbed her, ran up the stairs and decided to put her right in the tub.
My back had been feeling fine so far and I thought I could manage the bathing experience if I took my shoes off and just sat behind her little tub inside of the big garden tub. Well she wasn't digging her bath for some reason and decided she was done. She starting crying, pulling up and basically stood up. I quickly grabbed her towel, and pulled her up, and then it happened....something AWFUL pulled in my lower back and I couldn't move. At all. I panicked and thought, "what am I going to do???" I waited a few seconds as I collected my self, and somehow managed to grab the screaming baby, get out of the tub, walk to the living room, drag my purse by my toes to the quilt laying on the floor, and we both hit the floor....both in tears. I couldn't move. I couldn't get my wet baby diapered or calm. She eventually decided we were playing a game and started laughing at me, which made me cry harder! So I am texting back and forth with Brad, b/c he's in orientation, and finally pull it together enough to get a diaper on the babe despite the excruciating pain in my back. Luckily it was nap time, so I threw a shirt on Caroline, waddled to her crib, and set her down. She didn't like it, but eventually she fell asleep as I laid on the floor wondering how in the world I was going to make it through the day. I finally took 2 Tylenol and my sweet girl slept for 2 solid hours while I rested.
The rest of the day was spent watching Baby Einstein and jumping in her jumper. I was worthless. The good I feel much better!! We didn't attempt anything major today- just a quick stop at a store, and my back is still in tact! Thank you to all my sweet family that is praying for my recovery- I never knew how BAD back pain could be! Hopefully I will be quick to heal...because Caroline doesn't slow down- not even when mommy begs her too!


  1. awww- i'm so sorry! that back sounds horrible! i wonder what's goin on!?!? i wish i was there to atleast come help you out! i hate living apart!!!! i just wanted to get in my car and head on over to just hold Caroline and give you a break!! hope it continues to get better! i'm sorry i didn't call you back the 2nd time yesterday- i've been crazy busy- matt's parents are coming in town tomorrow for the weekend- and then i started my job for real today- so just plain tired at this point! i'll try and call u after i get off tomorrow ;) love you! miss ya! hang in there :)

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