Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monday Milestones

Monday was a big day for Miss CGH. She has been working on these skills for quite awhile now and we knew the day was about to come. She has officially learned to sit up on her own in her crib. We have a video monitor and when she started fussing at her wake up time (which is 6:45!! Eeeek!) I clicked the monitor on and what did I see? A sweet little baby sitting in the corner of her crib waiting for her mommy to come get her. She has been sitting for a long time now, but getting into the position is a bit more challenging. Not anymore! She has it down and ever since Monday, each nap, nights sleep, is ended with her sitting up in her favorite corner. I put a few toys in her crib during her nap time in case she wants to just "chill" before or after she snoozes. She is absolutely a big girl- now I know that the standing up is going to come quick. I haven't noticed if she knows how to lay back down once she's can't be to hard to figure out.

2nd milestone- the sippy cup! I have taken the advice of my fellow mommies and given her a sippy cup (1/2 juice 1/2 water) and tried to let her "learn" to drink it on her own. Until now she has just enjoyed gnawing on it with her 2 little teeth. BUT on Monday, after a lot of mimicking mommy, she tipped the cup up herself and enjoyed almost a complete cup of juice! She had half of it down her outfit, but she enjoyed it! Next to drinking from it, her favorite thing to do is chunk the cup as far as she can across the room- she gets added distance if she is in her high chair. She will take it and sling it like a shot put...or whatever you call those things! :) Anyway, Cheers to Caroline!

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