Monday, June 29, 2009

My baby is a carnivore- see video

We had a great afternoon at the park by the RiverMarket downtown. They had a lot of fun stuff to do for kids- I couldn't help but get excited for the days when Caroline can run around and enjoy playgrounds, slides, and water fun on her own. But until then, mommy and daddy are making sure she gets to experience them the best she can. It was so hot and yucky we didn't stay long. And, we forgot her hat and sunscreen...we were very naive to think she would stay covered in her stroller...hahaha. That lasted about 5 minutes. She loved the water fun- it reminded me of the Atlanta World of Coke fountains in Centennial Park. We got as close to getting wet as possible with all the kiddos splashing around. We made some new little friends- but Caroline scared them the video at the end. I think she was showing off her new top pearly white! The little girl was NOT enthused. :)


  1. Ha! That video is hilarious!! That's Caroline's way of kissing right now:) I am gloating.......big time!! Precious pics! It looks like you had fun. Love you lots! mom

  2. yes we're enjoying!!!! Looks like Caroline may have greeted her new friend with a little sharp tooth!! so funny we love you! Nana