Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our First Playdate!!

Today was our first official playdate! A 5th year ENT resident wife, Rebecca Lee, invited Caroline and I to come play at their house this afternoon. Amber, our wonderful friend from Macon, and her little boy Lane were invited as well. We went and enjoyed an afternoon with Rebecca, her sweet little 21 month old daughter Alex and David, who is about 4 weeks old maybe?? Anyway, Rebecca gets MAJOR props for being such a great mommy and so active after just having her sweet little boy. We swam, chewed dolphins, played in the hose, and got dirty! It was fun to watch Caroline watch the "big kids" and want SO desperatly to join in the fun. She hung in there like a trooper and enjoyed the pool and splashing with them. I have learned that playdate in a kiddie pool for baby means playdate in the kiddie pool for mommy as well...I got drenched! But it actually felt nice in the 100 degree weather! We can't wait to do it again sometime soon.

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