Monday, August 10, 2009

Absolutly Nothing

Eating her yummy teeting biscuit watching tv...smearing the armoire with her sweet little hands!
Yummy eggs!

Hmm....this doesn't seem right....

I was talking to my sweet friend Kristina last night about how I haven't blogged in awhile because I feel like I have nothing fun to write about- we are staying at home everyday just playing, doing our thing. No fun outings to report of, no amazing stories to tell. She encouraged me to keep going anyway- so here are some of the hum-drum things that are going on.

I'm so excited that the cat if finally out of the bag about baby #2 and that I can talk about it with everyone. It seems that since I have shared it- my sickness has subsided!! I am happy to say I have had a good week thus far...maybe I'm over the hump of the 1st trimester, though I'm only 11 weeks this coming Thursday. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement- it has helped.

Caroline is into everything! She is getting more and more adventuresome now that she is "mobile" (that's what the nursery worker called her on Sunday a.m.- as well as "big boy".... come on! She's a girl!! She doesn't have much hair, but she wears dresses and flowery shoes and everything else that could label her as a girl. Oh well) So back to the mobile....she crawls around on her own with her own agenda lately. I now see why we need baby gates- I think we'll wait till our new house to see exactly how many we'll need, but I'm constantly following little bit around now...and she's constantly bumping her head and falling over things. It's amazing how resilient they are and how a kiss and swoop up in mommy's arms can make things all better. She enjoys playing in the Tupperware kitchen cabinet now, and she likes to wander into our bathrooms- she actually surprised daddy while he was in the shower the other day. He finished showering, opened the curtain, and there she was standing silently at the edge of the tub, just a grinning. She is a trip! Brad is constantly amazed at all she can do because he isn't getting to spend as much time with her as I have gotten to. He'll say "did you know she can stand all by herself unsupported?? Did you know she can crawl to you all the way from over there??" I'm glad he gets to see and share in the fun times of our little GROWING Caroline. We miss him lots while he is at work. To put it mildly. :(

Caroline and I went to Lowe's today to buy packing tape and saran wrap for our furniture! I must say that I don't think I have EVER been this excited, this ready, this happy about a move. I am MORE than ready to be out of this yucky apartment- it will be 1 weeks shy of 3 months that we have been in this dungeon and I am so excited about our house we're renting. The house is not magnificent- but it will be ours! No neighbors above/below, no stairs to climb, a yard and neighborhood for us to explore/meet people, a pool and park a block away. I can't wait! SO we will begin throwing things in boxes every evening and the movers will be here on Aug. 22nd at 8:00 to start the moving process. Pray it all goes smoothly because we don't have a lot of time or resources/people to help. I can't wait!!

Caroline is starting to eat real people food. She had her first breakfast of all good stuff this morning- bananas, toast with applesauce on it, and eggs. She is so much fun to watch eat because she is still figuring out the best way to maneuver her hands to her mouth, but she's doing so well. She's taking a bottle still, but she loves eating whatever we eat, whenever we eat it. She absolutely loves her yo-baby yogurt and squeals with delight when she sees me get it out of the refrigerator. She also has been enjoying teething biscuit cookies. I had NO IDEA how messy these things were!!! She gets covered- head to toe with them each time she eats them, but she is so stinking cute I don't even care! She chows down on those things and enjoys them as she watches sesame street or we are on a stroll, but wherever she has it, her surroundings need hosed down afterwards. She gets to wait till bath time to get hosed down, but furniture gets immediate attention. Today I pulled it away from her because she had dropped it in the carpet, gotten hair all over it, and had nibbled it down to a "chokable" size, and she screamed bloody murder. So, I think she enjoys them. :)

That's all for now- not sure what else I could share. Probably just the grandmothers are reading this know how they love those grand babies! :)


  1. Absolutely everything. That's what you are doing:) I'm so proud of you and you will look back on these days and wonder how they could have passed so quickly:) You are an amazing mother and Caroline is soooo funny and sweet! Thank you for writing, even if it's just for the Nanas and Grammies:)

  2. Grammie is absolutley right!!! You have no idea how much we love sharing what might seem routine. Thank you so much! You are awesome! Love, Nana

  3. Okay a few things:

    A) you too look like a hot mommy

    B) "med student wives/ dr wives" win SUPPORTER OF THE YEAR any day over triathlete wives

    C) We must venture to a waterpark together. How much fun would that be????

    D) How far is Little ROck from Jackson MS?? We are moving there in September for 3-4 months. Drive and meet half way???? I"m totally feelin it.

  4. I love reading your stories, too! She is so precious - :)

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  6. Caroline is beautiful---way to much to be mistaken for a Boy! People always thought that I was a boy too (I had hair (or lack of) just like hers) and it drove my mom crazy!