Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun times!

So these past few weeks have been so much fun- but so busy. Sorry for the lack of blogging. Brad's parents and Niki came to visit us last weekend. We were so excited to have them surprise us with an early flight. I was already back in bed snuggled up during Caroline's fist nap when my phone rings and it's Deb. I ignored and thought I would call her later when I got up. Then I heard pounding on the front door- through closed doors and a box fan. When what to my wondering eyes did appear-- but the Hobbs standing on our doorstep!! It was like Christmas! We had a whole extra day to spend with them. Hopefully they didn't mind my bedhead and pj's too much. :)

We spent Thursday thru Monday enjoying every second of their visit. Caroline was in HEAVEN with so many playmates- all anxious to pick her up each and every second she was awake...and then they were equally as anxious to be the "one" to put her down for her nap and get to watch her fall asleep. I couldn't have asked for anymore of a break that weekend- I was in much need of a little R&R so they came at the perfect time! I got to sleep in, go out sans baby- to lunch and a movie with Niki, sit back and relax during the day, and only be "mommy" when absolutely necessary. Don't get me wrong- I love being Caroline's mommy...but every mommy knows how good it feels to have someone truly share the load! Thank you a million and seven times Hobbs. It was truly fabulous! The only thing missing was having Uncle Ben and Aunt Sarah here- hopefully we'll get to see them soon!!

Brad got to visit a little while they were here, though he worked majority of the time. We went and had dinner at the hospital one night and enjoyed seeing him in his doctor roll. He was the busiest he had ever been that weekend, so he was exhuasted when he got home post call on the Monday they were leaving to go home. He stayed up for a delicious french toast breakfast by chef nana Deb, then he hit the sack. We all packed up and headed to the airport for a day of stand by fun...which thankfully ended perfectly with them on a 4:45 flight back to ATL. We said one goodbye, watched them go through security, then headed to the airport restaurant to wait and see if they had to wait for the next flight- which they did. So we had an hour to eat and play and say our goodbyes one more time before they jumped on the next flight. It was so sad to say goodbye- but we know we'll see them next month in Georgia when we come home for the first time. So as long as there is a "next time" on the calendar, maybe it won't be so bad....but we do miss our families TERRIBLY. We love you all!

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