Monday, August 3, 2009

Caroline and I made our first of many planned trips to Nashville this past week. We went to have a much needed visit with our dear friends from med school- Shaefer, Kristina, and little Camden. We left on Tuesday, made a successful 5 1/2 hour trip in about 6 1/2 hours and arrived at their beautiful townhouse around 5:30 that evening. The drive wasn't so bad...I think I was so excited about getting to see them that I could have drove forever! Caroline did fabulous- just a couple stops, blueberry muffin bribery, and several potty breaks and we were there.
It was SO nice to have another person- even better another best friend- who wakes up at the crack of dawn with you, plays, eats, naps, and enjoys the same daily routine as you. Mommy hood sometimes gets lonely- especially in new towns, so we were thrilled to get to spend every second together. Camden is a tad bit more of an early riser than my little one- but not by much. We were up and dancing each morning by at least 6:30. Cam made her earliest appearance one morning at 4:50- she wanted to see her daddy before he left for the hospital I guess. I hope she didn't share that secret with Caroline- we aim for 7:00 a.m. latest- usually around 6:30-I get her from her crib and bring her to my room. I have successfully taught her how to roll around and be lazy in bed (mommy's bed) for a good 30 minutes while we both "Wake up". Then it's game time. We walked with Kristina's neighbor and son, enjoyed bubbles outside, played really hard with all Cam's toys since they were "new" to Caroline, and even got to go out on some adventures. Kristina and I took the girls to their 2nd tea party (1st was in Macon when they were itty bitty) for lunch and then out to a Japanese steak house for dinner. They did fabulous- as long as good food is involved, they seem to work well with us! Kristina spoiled me rotten with fabulous cooking and a servants heart. She's the best.
Caroline is definitely a mover and a shaker- I think Camden was in awe at how much energy she had! Camden is the most entertaining eater- hopefully Caroline took notes- and she is also an amazing walker now!! She loves to show off her skills. I think Caroline wanted to follow in her footsteps (literally b/c she was on top of Cam most the time) and try climbing stairs. I know that soon Caroline will have these skills mastered...but hopefully mommy has a little more time to go before we are worrying about stair injuries! Kristina got a few good laughs at how clumsy Caroline (or could it be her mommy??) is- she had so many bumps and scratches, but she's a cruiser now- and that's what happens right? Her balance is getting better and better...soon we'll have a walker on our hands!
It was positively heart breaking to leave them on Friday- we missed daddy, but we SO enjoyed girl time. If only we were in the same town....but God had other plans so we'll keep the friendship flame alive from a distance. We can't wait to host them in our new town...once we are in a house and have room. I'm so glad Caroline will have these fun pictures to look back at and remember her first BFF. :)

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