Friday, August 7, 2009

Sweet Surprise

Well, I guess it is about time for me to post a blog about the most exciting thing that has been going on in our lives right now.... most of you already know that we are expecting baby #2 around March 4th. We are so excited, so thrilled, and just completely overwhelmed with the wonderful news. While this baby was a surprise for us, we couldn't be more happy about it! It has taken a little while for it to set in, but we are daily falling more and more in love with the idea of a family of 4 and the idea of Caroline becoming a big sister! We are thankful that God is in charge of the master plan, not us, so we are happy the Lord is bringing yet another bundle of joy into our lives! This has been a very different pregnancy that my first with a lot of yucky sick nauseousness with a tad of toilet hugging on the side. BLAH. Bless you ladies that have sickness your entire pregnancy- I pray DAILY that this will pass and be finished. As we approach the end of the 1st trimester I am hopeful that things will get back to normal- whatever that may be! We can't wait to find out whether Caroline will have a brother or a sister- but either way we will be so excited~ although we have a hunch it's a baby boy, but we have never guessed any one's baby correctly, why would we know our own?? So we'll see. I think mid October we should be able to find out. Anyways...there is the fun news! Next Dr. appt we should have a fun picture to show of our little love #2!


  1. We are SO excited for you guys--CONGRATS (again!) Love you and can't wait to meet Caroline's little sister or brother!

  2. I don't know why anonymous is showing up--LOVE YOU-Cara

  3. We are thrilled and so happy for you! We can't wait to meet the new little Hobbit:) We are so blessed to have grandbaby #3 on the way. I am praying that you are feeling better. We love you very much. Congratulations!!! Mom

  4. Congratulations Tessa and Brad! So happy for you and will be praying for a healthy pregnancy. So fun!

  5. Our first two were 15 months apart, and as challenging as it was in the beginning, how great it was soon after when they had each other for playmates. Maybe your little Caroline (can you believe she is going to be a big sister?) will have a baby brother like Tiffany did. :-)
    I truly know the nauseous/hugging toilet feeling, and so I will pray that doesn't last too long for you. And it's usually just rougher 2nd time around since you have a busy little one to keep up with too!
    love to you all~
    your cuz,