Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Zoo

It was HOT! You can tell sweet girl is sweating!!
Brad's photo skills at work through a chain link fence- read below. Brad has a fascination with bald eagles...???

She did not enjoy our picnic bananas didn't make her happy.

They got to feed the birds nectar in little cups. Brad tried so hard to get one to stand on his arm, but they wouldn't. They nipped at your hand if you didn't have nectar.

In the stroller for oh, about 10 minutes.

Last Saturday Brad was post call (he worked the day before, through the night, and came home mid morning the next day) but he had been able to catch a couple of hours of sleep. He was up for an adventure with the fam, so we decided to head to the zoo. It was absolutely miserable because of the heat, but Brad is a trooper. He carried, pushed, and held Caroline the whole time. I think we probably spent equal time outside with the animals and inside the air conditioned cafeteria. But it was fun. Caroline was hot as could be, but she enjoyed seeing the animals. Caroline loved the tigers and Brad was fascinated with the bald eagle. He spent a good 20 minutes photographing their talons...hahhaha. We walked off and had to come back to get him. I personally enjoyed the air conditioning....and I guess the elephants, if I have to choose a fav. Here are a couple pictures from that day. It was SO good to have daddy with us- we miss him when he's working!! I think next time we will try the zoo in the early spring or late fall...when it's not 100 degrees outside.


  1. should we mention the hot banannas were smuggled into the zoo!!? hehehe Your pics make me want to take a fam adventure to the zoo will only be 81 here this weekend.....:) miss ya'll!
    interesting facination for b!

  2. the red hair still kills is still so red...esp in the pic where brad is holding her...she looks ready to get out of that stroller! glad you guys had some time to hang out...hope your trip to ga was great! call me soon, brooke