Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Could it be??

Caroline took a few steps today! I watched her attempt and try a few different times this morning, so this evening I pulled the camera out just in case I could capture a tiny step. She can stand so well on her own, but she likes to cruise the furniture and her toys. She usually will "think about walking" and resort to her knees to crawl, or attempt and tumble. If you look closely you can see her little step to the tv armories! Call me a proud mommy...I admit!

Our other adventure today entailed a trip outside. So many of you have heard me complain of no yard and how much I hate being cooped up in the apartment. So this afternoon I decided I would go outside and find a patch of grass somewhere....and we'd play, read books, blow bubbles, etc. Like we USED to do everyday!! So really and truly the only option for us was across the street from our particular building, and it was kind of a little slopped....well actually it was a hill. But we were determined to spend some time out, so we made it work. Hahahha. Just watch the video and you can share in my giggles. She didn't get hurt...promise! :)
video video


  1. I love it!! I bet she'll be walking when you come visit in a few weeks. The roll down the hill is too funny and then she looks around like where did Mommy go?! Love it!

  2. She is adorable! I can't wait to see her walk:) The roll down the hill cracks me up!! I'm glad you had fun:) I love you!

  3. My firstborn girl walked at 9 months! So, it's probably just around the corner for your precious Caroline. She has to be the big sister sooN!

  4. yay yay for Caroline! :) Love the videos!!! :)