Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Before the saga begins, I want to update you on my dr. appt I had on Monday. It was perfect- baby's heart beat was 156 and everything seems to be perfect. Get 3 WEEKS...3 WEEKS...September 14th....we will know if baby is a boy or a girl!! For some reason this has snuck up on us so fast!! A twinge of panic set in, but it will still be early...only 16 weeks. We had to wait til 20 weeks for Caroline, so we're still ahead of the game. We can't wait!! the other stuff!
We made it! Our long awaited trip home has finally come. Caroline and I flew into Atlanta Tuesday afternoon. Grandpa Wakefield picked us up and took us to Rome to stay with my parents for a few days. On our way to Rome we stopped and visited our sweet friends Emily and Wendell Brewton in Powder Springs. They have 3 precious children and Emily is expecting baby number 4 next month. It was so good to see them. I also realized how amazing 7 year olds are with babies...Emily and I joked that I needed to "register" for a 7 year old to help me with the babies! Bethany (7) and Hannah (5) played SO well with Caroline- it was fun to watch!

We are relaxing here in Rome now- Caroline is actually taking wonderful naps and giving me a chance to get on the computer. She is in heaven with so many new faces and new toys and new unchartered territories! She is going full speed ahead all day long. I am so glad she is getting to spend some time with her Grammi, Grandpa, and Uncle Rew. Tonight we are off to the restaurant where Andrew works- we'll enjoy some yummy Italian food. Rew is supposed to begin his road trip across America to California sometime next week, and I think Little Rock may be his first stop- so we get a double dose of Uncle Rew! Wahoo!!! Hope he doesn't mind living with boxes everywhere!

On Friday Caroline and I will head to Atlanta to stay with Aunt Cara and Uncle Chris- my sister and brother in law. We can't wait!! We are throwing Cara's baby shower on Saturday. It is going to be the event of the year!! We are so excited to celebrate baby boy Seaver- still waiting for the name confirmation. We can't wait to enjoy some sister time and girl talk! And, we can rub each others baby bellies! heehee. Who would have thought we'd be preggo together? Perfect! Also, I have been craving Korean food, so we may have the Wakefield crew enjoy some yummy pulgogi Saturday evening. :)

We will leave on Sunday to go to Milledgeville to visit with the Hobbs' . We will hopefully get to visit with Ben and Sarah and grandparents and maybe cousins, aunts, uncles...whoever will come visit! It will be nice to see everyone....we probably won't be ready to leave. :( Caroline is in for a fun time....and lots of spoiling by all these family members! Hopefully she's eating it up and saving some for the weeks ahead when we're back in Arkansas.

We do miss daddy. We wish Brad were here with us. He is finished one last week of ped. surgery (PRAISE THE LORD!) He is on call 3 times this really we wouldn't be seeing much of him even if we were at home. This was a perfect week for us to be away. He wanted to come with us so badly, but we have a week of vacation planned mid September in Hilton Head that he is holding out for.

We are officially in our new house and LOVE it!!! We worked our fannies off moving weekend and got everything out of the apartment- hopefully never to go back!! The house is perfect- it seems so big to us since we've been trapped for so many months in our apartment! Caroline has had a ball with all the stuff that is around- we just have to watch her very closely because she is up and mobile now, which means several bumps, bruises, and falls each day. Brad's mom was sweet enough to fly out the weekend we moved to help us. Thank the Lord she did bc she helped us tremendously. Caroline is a full time job so without a hand, we could not have gotten half of what we did done without her. We have our kitchen unpacked and groceries bought, our bedrooms up, not decorated, and bathroom livable. I hated to leave Brad in boxes up to his ears, but we left 2 days after we moved in. It may be awhile til all those boxes disappear- with just me and CGH it's tough to get anything done. Bit by bit, piece by piece we'll get there. And I am living for the day when I can relax on our couch in our living room (decorated!) and take a good nap, knowing things are right where they are supposed to be. So what if it's not til November...we'll get there eventually. :)

Pictures will have to come later....I'm not up for loading them while we are traveling. I need to start snapping away. Instead, I'm just soaking up the wonderful seconds that we are spending with our family- savoring them!

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  1. SO glad Brad has a different schedule now! And I am very excited for you guys to get to spend a whole week with the Hobbs; have fun!! I know you will! Perhaps it was the hormones, but the other day I thought about Brad and Ben seeing and hugging eachother for the first time in months and it brought me to tears-the bond between siblings is so strong! There is something so unique and beautiful about that made me cry-smile: crile? smy? In any case, have a great time!