Thursday, February 18, 2010

38 weeks!!

****I typed this blog yesterday and never got it posted. In between this blog and today we have had a wild adventure! We thought that Emily may be making her debut last night! We had 2 solid hours of contractions last night from 8-10pm! Oh if you had been a fly on our wall!! :) We had everyone praying that they would stop...and God answered our prayers thankfully. Not that we wouldn't have LOVED to meet her now, but we were counting on next Friday. But as my mom reminded me very sweetly..."Babies don't have our schedule in mind!" So a little after 10 the contractions stopped and we were able to rest easy. We have taken it VERY easy today and have sort of revamped and re planned our "emergency labor" plans a bit but are hoping for an uneventful week this week! Now...on to yesterday's blog*******

I don't have any pictures to share at this time so I'm sorry if this is a boring post...but I know our world is about to be tossed into a tailspin so I wanted to update even without pics. Today we hit 38 weeks! Praise the Lord!! There was a time when we were taking it day by day, praying that things would "stay put" and the Lord has answered our prayers! Emily is scheduled to arrive next Friday...yes, that is only 8 days away. We are SO excited and so ready. The hospital bags are packed (or repacked- after I looked at what I threw together after our "scare" I had to go back and add some things- my brain was obviously not working well during that week!) The car seats have been added to our cars. The infant car seat was brought back out, washed, and all spiffed up. We had our LAST doctors appointment today before the BIG day. Yahoo!

*Side note- Of course the FINAL doctors appointment had to go down in history for the WORST one yet. I thought since last week I was in and out in about 35 minutes that I could manage to bring Caroline along this week. HAHA. We had to wait for 2 hours...yes, 2 a stiffling hot waiting room- all to go back, not see our doctor and listen to her heartbeat. REALLY?? Because I am pretty sure I could have done that at home with our little store bought doppler that a friend is letting us borrow! It was awful. We left passy in the car, she went through all her snacks, books, toys, and was an hour and a half past her nap time. It was not fun and I was fuming mad after we left. BUT- it was the last so that made it a little better. :)

Next Wednesday the fun begins! Cara, Chris, and Charlie will get here first. Then Thursday both of our parents and Niki will arrive. We can't wait!! Brad is finished with work on Sunday so we will have Monday and Tuesday for "family" days. Kind of bittersweet....but so exciting!! We are all dying to meet Emily. We have had so much fun imagining what she is going to look like, what kind of tempermant she will have, if she will resemble Caroline. Will the red hair surprise us again?? Oh what fun. More than anything...we can't wait to experience the pure BLISS of falling in love with another precious daughter. There is NOTHING like it...we are so blessed, words cannot describe how full our hearts are.

Our newest excitement arrived on our front porch this afternoon via the UPS man. My parents surprised us with a new BOB double stroller!!! I about jumped out of my pants when I saw him carry the box up to our steps!! We have been debating all kinds of different strollers and pros/cons and just couldn't bring ourselves to make a decision. Well, thanks mom and dad for doing it for us!!! We are SO blessed by family that has showered us with more than we could ever imagine! Oh for the day to be able to repay. I still can't imagine what it's going to be like pushing 2 babies around, but this will make it a lot easier than I could have ever imagined!

I have started a bad addiction...ebay searching for matching outfits for the girls. It's addicting and dangerous...but so EASY!! Please don't try this if you're even remotely interested. :) I have gotten a few things that I cannot wait to see the girls in. It's so much fun! I know, I know, there is no telling what size they will be at the particular season, but I am just making a few "safe" purchases at such reasonable prices- I can't hold back! I can't get out of the house and shop, so the internet and UPS man have become my best friends.

We joined our friends Rachel and Mary Ellen at Chick fil a for POSSIBLY our last playdate for awhile. They came over to the house beforehand the girls played until they were hungry. Then we went out and enjoyed getting some energy out in the play area before we ate. Caroline made a small accomplishment while they were playing today- she climbed to the first level of the "play thing" all by herself. She has started trying to climb things and she did it! She couldn't make it to the next level...thankfully, because I was a tad nervous about her getting knocked out by the big kids around. :) I'm sure she'll be taking off on her own very soon. Mary Ellen is such a good motivator- she told her "Good job!!" after she did it. I told Rachel that they would have to come play with Caroline once Emily was here because I know Caroline will be wanting the interaction. So I have no doubt we'll see them soon.

Speaking of Rachel...she has started a crafty art of bow making! She has made the cutest ones for Mary Ellen that Caroline usually pulls them out and wants them for herself each time we see them! So here is my shout out for her new blog/ ....go order some bows for the little girls you know. I wish my daughter had enough hair to really wear them right now...but soon!! Maybe Emily will come out with a head full!!!

I painted 2 canvases for Emily's nursery. I did the same for Caroline, so I couldn't leave Emily out. :) They are their names and their meanings/life scripture verses. Emily means "Diligent One" (heehee which she has already claimed on her many attempts to get here!!) and the verse we chose for her was Colossians 3:23- "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men." Her middle name, Anne, means "Esteemed" and we are using Proverbs 22:1- "A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver and gold." I think they look pretty good. I am not sure they will be up in her nursery to begin with, but she will have them.

Like I said...sorry if this was boring. Let me look for something interesting to add...maybe a video or picture or something!


  1. Welcome to the world of eBay!!! I love it and yes it is very addicting due to the wonderful prices. For really neat and adorable hard to find things you should try ETSY.COM, it is wonderful too.

  2. Congrats Tessa and Brad. It's a SMALL blogging world. A few months back I randomly came across your blog and thought, "Hey, I know him!" You see, I am Anthony McEver's cousin. Brad waited on me MANY times at H&M and we ran into each other at Aunt Carol's or the "farm". I have added you to my blog roll and recently started reading more regularly. I noticed you have Beth Moore's blog on your roll. I am going to hear her speak in Atlanta in April. I am so excited. Again, congratulations to you and Brad on your beautiful family. Best wishes for an easy and safe delivery. I will pray for you. I admire your strength to be a mommy of 2 babies so close in age with a dad who is finishing his medical residency. You are an excellent example of what a wife should do to support her husband. Keep it up and God bless.
    Jan Mullis

    and I agree with the previous commenter- etsy rocks!