Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Caroline is 15 months old!

Caroline turned 15 months on the 19th. It is absolutely amazing how much she is growing and changing on a daily basis. I wish that I could share every little bit of her life with friends and family that are out of town, but I know that's impossible. She brings us SO much JOY that Brad and I are constantly asking one another, "How did we get so blessed to have her in our lives?" She is full of so much life....so much fun!! Mommy friends always talk about when is the "most fun" age of their children. I have loved every age so far but this is by far some of silliest, funny times in our life together so far. Her little sense of humor is showing, her likes, dislikes, passions- she is blossoming into a real little person! Here are some of the things she is doing now...

-Caroline is sleeping so well!!! Down at 7:30 up and happy at 7:30-8:00 She puts herself to sleep and plays in her crib without any tears now! Hallelujah...some of you thought it would never happen...even me!

-She loves to wave...and blow kisses. She has a new wave technique that makes us giggle. She gets her head involved and usually has her hand pointed back at herself, but it is precious and she always gets peoples attention when we are out. She is a star out in public. Each morning when I get her out of bed she waves at me as if to say "hey! where have you been??"

-Still loves to eat but has tapered off a little bit. Loves fruit of any kind- except bananas- she is SO over those I guess. :) She is sucker for snacks of any kind and loves to ask for them very adamantly. Still drinking whole milk and 1/2 apple juice 1/2 water...her favorite!

-Loves Elmo, Dora, Einstein, and Praise Baby DVDs. She asks for them repeatedly through out the day. She shrieks when she sees Dora or Elmo on anything. I have worked in some Barney...and I think Blues Clues may be our next adventure.

-She turns the buttons on and off on the TV.

-Flips light switches on and off

-Still has beautiful red hair that gets noticed by everyone when we are out. The question to follow is usually- "Does she have the temper to go along with that firey red hair?" And my answer, "Sure does!" But she is really sweet as sugar...I can't complain.

-Brings me diapers, shoes, coats, and pretty much anything else I ask her to...she's so smart and this will be such a good thing as she turns into my "little helper" when Emily arrives.

-Still loves Passy...we can't part with it...and I don't really mind it so much.

-She still loves to play with my hair but has really taken a notice to her own hair now too. She will lay and play with it for a long time.

-I finally get to put some cute bows in her hair!! She knows when a bow is in it though and immediately takes it out, so we don't usually mention it. I wonder if she will be such a stinker about having her hair done like I was when I was little.

-She loves her baby dolls and likes me to "swaddle" them, feed them, and put them in Emily's play things.

-She loves to point out characters in books- sesamee street especially. She knows Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Cookie, Elmo, Grover and Abby.

-She loves farm animals and has fun noises for them all....her favorite being the cat, dog, horse, pig, cow and rooster. She is adorable when she makes the noises.

-I THINK she is starting to try and sing with me. It's precious....very quiet and understated. She is addicted to my singing...of course, who wouldn't be??....but stops dead in her tracks to hear songs- her favorites would include Twinkle Twinkle, GuGunk went the Little Green Frog, Old McDonald, ABC's. She will sign "more please" after each rendition. I'm glad she appreciates my voice.

-She uses 3 predominant sign language signs that help her communicate very well...."more" which also works as "again", "please" which she thinks is a free ticket to get ANYTHING she wants, and "milk". She watches a dvd with signs and now will either attempt the sign or try to say the word for it.

-She has started mimicking very well...but she says these words very clearly and over and over- mama, dada. book, dvd, uh oh, eat, na (snack), assy (passy). She will jibber jabber away and answer/repeat things in her own language. She and daddy read a color book during bath time every night and he asks her what colors and she has a unique response for each color...nothing remotely close to being right, but she is attempting at least! She squeals when I mention her friend Mary Ellen's name and gets very excited. She attempts to say Mary Ellen, but usually comes out with a soft whisper of sorts. So sweet.

-She asks for daddy each morning when we get out of bed.

-She loves playing with Isabelle...but sadly, Isabelle has gotten the boot and is officially an outside cat now. I have two other precious little girls that need my full attention...she is #3 on the list. Poor cat has had her world rocked the past year or so.

-Caroline loves to run and play outside- she collects sticks and rocks and loves to touch the trees. We can't wait to get outside when the weather warms up and we have Emily with us.

-She is very social and LOVES looking at babies wherever we go. Good thing. :)

-Caroline loves to play peek a boo with her blankets...she will hide, then she wants me to hide, and it cracks her up when we pull the blanket off every time.

-She is ticklish under her arms...always gets a giggle.

-She will lay down on the floor to wrestle her pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets. She flops like a fish when she gets excited!

-She is so loving and is still predominantly a mama's girl...but she has started giving daddy some love too. He has started putting her to bed at night and that may be helping.

-Favorite books- farm animal book with sounds, Sesame Street, Jack and the Beanstalk.

-She has had a major growth spurt this month- I had to literally clean out her drawers with all the clothes and pjs that are to small for her. I think she's wearing 18 and some 24 months now and this spring/summer will be a full fledged 24 month to 2t. She has really gotten tall. Still size 4 diapers. We have her 15 month well baby appointment on March 1st...stats to come on height and weight. :)

So that is a quick, very informal update on our sweet Caroline at 15 months. I am sure I am leaving out a million details. She is our amazing first born and we can't wait to see her blossom into a big sister. She is going to be spoiled rotten this month with family around...but it's good for her every once in awhile! :)

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