Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Unexpected Snow Day and Superbowl Wrestling

We had a surprise snow day on Monday! The weather man said that we had 7.1 inches! It snowed all morning long and was absolutely beautiful. Caroline liked watching it through the window...which is good because I was not up to taking her out in it. It is still here today- but is supposed to melt, then snow again on Thursday. I think it is beautiful- but I'm a little over it! Never thought I would say that, but when Brad is up before dawn and having to drive on the icy roads and coming home late at night- it loses it's "specialness". If he were here cuddled up with us to enjoy it I may feel different. :) All the schools are closed and Caroline, Isabelle and I have officially stayed in our PJ's for 2 days now. Maybe tomorrow we will venture out if the ice is gone.

Those are the poor mailman's footprints...I always want to leave him hot chocolate or something warm, but never know the right way to do it. Any ideas??

The Rutledges invited us over Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl. Brad brought a big thing of homemade Brunswick stew that we enjoyed with Jonathan's hot wings. It was yummy. I may have caught about 30 seconds of the game...in the midst of our wild ones. Caroline and Lane LOVED playing with one another and acted like the "big kids" while little Levi hung out with the mommies. Emily will join Levi's crew in just a few weeks. I loved seeing Caroline play with Lane- she loved his dinosaurs, bugs, and really liked wrestling with him on the floor. They were precious! Check out the video below.


  1. I'm tired of snow too Tessa. We're expecting another foot to foot and a half this evening through tomorrow night! I'm so sick of the snow and just like you, I really worry about Paul driving to work (even though it is only a minute away).

  2. Forgot to say, the video is so darling, lol. What a fun age, though I often say I can't wait until Anastasia can walk and play, I'm sure I will miss her little infant stage she is currently in, I'm just enjoying the current moment.