Saturday, February 13, 2010

She may be on to something...

The past few days Caroline has realized that some of the "baby" things we have out are not for her...but for our little bundle that is about to arrive. I found her baby dolls in the swing which is a huge accomplishment...and she even left her passy with them!
Trying out the play gym

My sweet Aunt June and Uncle Jack sent a beautiful handmade blanket for Emily. Caroline was just checking it out...she approved....and so did daddy....

After the days of being trapped inside from the winter weather we were dying to get out of the house. We met Mary Ellen and Rachel at the mall to play on a few toys and eat lunch. Right now they were both happy to sit on the rides w/o putting money in them. We'll see how long that lasts! :) Caroline got a valentine from Mary Ellen that she carried around with her for a long time. She loves all her valentines!

This is a random one. Gevalia keeps sending us packages in the mail. I have finally cancelled it and they told us to keep this one. So Caroline was bound and determined to get into it...and into each box. She would have opened the actual coffee bags if I had let her. It occupied her for awhile, so we played "coffee" for awhile the other morning. She may be taking after her grandpa Wakefield!

This video is from the other day when Brad got home after being gone all night. They played back and forth for awhile before both went down for a good nap. Caroline is always tickled pink when daddy comes home.
I had my 37 week doctors appointment on Thursday. Everything was perfect and we go back next Thursday...and then the next week we finally get to meet her on Friday the 26th~ we are so excited that hotels have been booked, travel arrangements set, and all of our family is in high gear to get here for her birthday. Hospital bags are packed and we are ready to go...we still need to get the car seat in the car but we'll get to that sometime.
One more video...


  1. that video of cgh pulling brad's hair is hilarious!! Love it!!!

  2. adorable FUN video clips! Brad is such a fun daddy....and little Caroline I can't believe is going to be a big sister!!!! I remember my Tiffany at that age, she was 15 months when her next sibling came along. That age was SO SO fun! You will be amazed at how quickly she will then grow up, and how wonderful she will be with little Emily too.
    FUN times ahead. Get rest while you can. Hope to hear some exciting news soon!