Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Belly Shot- 38 + 2days

I took this last night since friends have been asking about seeing my baby bump one last time before Emily arrives. The overall consensus has been that I am much smaller than I was with Caroline- therefore everyone is thinking Emily will be smaller than our whopping 8 lb 14 oz first born. I guess we'll have to wait and see! Brad has guessed she will be 7.5 and I guess 8.6. Both grandmothers are thinking around the 8lb mark. I think that I was just extremely swollen and HUGE with Caroline...1st pregnancy lesson learned! And maybe Caroline has kept me a bit more active? Either way we are at the end...and I feel it. Any pregnant mommy loathes the last few weeks...and we are finally there. Yahoo!!! I may try to find some pictures to compare the 2 pregnancies. I think I would be ashamed though of how ROUND I look in all of them....oh to be able to wear NORMAL clothes again...jeans that zip, regular heels, fun, NEW things! I've been pregnant or post preggo for almost 2 years!!! I think a shopping trip is in store for this spring...wahoo!!!


  1. you look great! and you do look a little smaller this time- crazy! what did you do differently? 6 more days! you can do it! can't wait to see her!

  2. my tiny preggo friend!!! i think my 29 week belly is bigger than yours is right now! hmmmm...i need your secrets! :)

  3. I am revising my guess! 7lb. 3oz. and dad is guessing 7lb. 1oz. We can't wait to find out!