Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our weekend

This was the only pic I took all weekend...but it captured the weekend perfectly!
We had a wonderful weekend with a fun visit from Nana Deb and Nik Nik. They were dying to get some Caroline sugar and decided last minute to jump in the car and drive our way on Thursday afternoon. They were able to spend 2 full days with us- Friday and Saturday and then they left Sunday a.m. around 11:00a.m. Caroline was eating up all the attention- of course! She recognized them and knew who they were...which thrilled my soul. Being so far from family I never know how she will react when new faces arrive, but she knew them. I think our time with both families over Christmas really helped her build up her memory of relatives. It was fun to see. Nana and Nik-Thank you so much for giving up your weekend, driving so many hours, and helping us in so many ways. We really love and appreciate all you do!

We were able to play a lot and get some things rearranged and ready for their next trip to Arkansas...when Emily arrives! We counted the days and realized it's only 18 days away. We are all dying to see Emily and see what she looks like. I haven't been feeling the best...which is to be expected during the last few weeks of any pregnancy. Trying to continue staying off my feet like the doctor ordered, but I'm getting antsy antsy antsy!! Just in the last few weeks my "nesting" instinct has taken over and really been at work. I have emptied and re-organized our pantry (with Carolines help...this was fun.), cleaned and organized our refrigerator, rearranged our bedroom and the biggest project of all that I have taken on is turning our "downstairs/guest suite" into a functional playroom and more "homey" guest room. I picked out new bedding, pillows, and sheets, rearranged furniture, bought rugs, side tables, lamps, and a few decorations, moved some toys downstairs, and even drew out the rest of the plans on paper...down to the detailed pictures and frames that will be hung on the wall. Hopefully I will carry this stamina until it's completed...if not, I'm happy to stop here and finish at a later date. But it is nice to have a project to focus on during this waiting period. I need to take some pictures but haven't gotten to that.

This week I go to the doctor on Thursday and will be 37 weeks. Brad works for the next 14 days with no days off...and 3 more nights of call. But then he will have a week of vacation- beginning Monday 22nd...we will have Emily on Friday...and he has the next week off using sick leave as paternity leave. I want us to enjoy those last few days as a family of three before we welcome little Emily into the family. Any ideas of things we should do with Caroline or as a fam before that Friday??

We cannot wait to meet our 2nd born, but I must say that I have had a little trouble thinking about sharing my love with someone else besides Caroline. She has been my world for over a year now and she fills my days with so much joy! I am fully confident that Emily will only add to that, but I suppose every mother wonders how the new baby will fit into the picture. My dear friend Brooke has just had her 2nd little girl and shared this quote with was the perfect explanation.

"Once you make the decision to have more than one child you know that you can never give everything to everyone ever again. But then you find out that they start giving to each other, and there is no deficit. In fact, you're fine. You are all taking care of each other. It doesn't hurt for your child to learn to accommodate others; it helps them. Will they get everything they want or need as soon as they want or need it? No. And that's fine."

I cannot wait to see the new love we ALL have for Emily. I know Caroline is going to LOVE being a big sister- she is so nurturing and lovey dovey with every baby she comes in contact with. We are so blessed to be able to experience such an intense love with yet another family member. And if I haven't said it enough....


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  1. We took Maddie to Build~a~Bear before John Michael was born and let her make a bear to bring to the hospital to give him. It was really sweet (you can even put the little voice recordings in them now). She loved being able to give her new brother a present she made all by herself, and it was a fun little family outing as well. I also recomend going to get a last "family of 3" picture made. I had a picture of Maddie and I made the day before JM was born and it is still my favorite.