Friday, May 21, 2010

12 Weeks!

Sweet little Emily is 12 weeks old today. She has grown so much in the last few weeks and her personality is blossoming! We are still working together to figure out a good "schedule" for her but I can feel happening sometime soon hopefully!!
-She likes to be awake for about 45minutes -1 hour... after that the fussing starts. She wants her naps!
-She sleeps in spurts at night- usually about 4 hour shifts. Thankfully she doesn't "wake up" when she gets up, just wants to nurse for a few minutes, then back to sleep.
-She has found her hands and loves them! She smacks on them all day long.
-She has such a sweet little voice and loves to coo and ahhh. She is SO verbal. We'll have conversations back and forth and she has the most adorable eye and facial expression during our talks.
-She loves to watch her mommy...and big sister Caroline! She stares at Caroline sometimes and I can see such a look of admiration ALREADY. It's so neat.
-She likes to spend time in her bouncey seat, swing, on a blanket, or in our arms. She is using her bumbo at dinner time when she joins us around the table.
-Caroline is being such a great big sister- she loves to watch and help with diaper changes, burping, and dressing Emily. She now imitates all of that with her own little baby dolls.
-She has a very loud cry like her sisters and likes to vocalize it in her car seat or when we are out and about. Not many trips have been taken out of the house lately.
-She is wearing size 6 month...right along the same size that Caroline did. Her little legs are adorable...roll, after roll, after roll.
-No passy...We would pay her to take one, but its a no go.
-No bottles...again...MOMMY would PAY her to take one, but she isn't loving them. We will hopefully get that worked out soon.
-Still enjoying her swaddle for a few more weeks...then we'll start the "swaddle-weaning" process. :)
-Likes bath time finally
-Does a funny little breath when we blow on her...every time! It's priceless.
My list could go on and on as a mother who is so IN LOVE with her sweet little one could. But she's calling now....goodnight!


  1. I love you Emily!! Happy 12 week birthday.

  2. Wow time passes, she's blossoming! She looks so much like Brad, that's the first thing I think of when I see her photos.