Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just me and my girls

I am so thankful my girls love me for who I am. They don't care that their mommy doesn't always get a shower, have make up on, have nice shaved legs, cook elaborate meals or have an immaculate house. Sometimes I even wear the same thing 2 days in a row. I have been sick the past few days and my sweet girls and I have survived inside just entertaining one another. I am overflowing with love for my little ones...as you can probably tell from all the posts I have put up recently. I want so desperately for our family and friends to be able to share the day to day joys that I get each day. Don't get me wrong...the days are also filled with struggles of MANY kinds, but love seems to cover all of those malfunctions at the end of each day.

I am falling more and more in love with Miss Emily everyday. Brad made the comment the other night that he felt like she was "really part of the family now". She is developing her own little personality and quirks that keep us smiling and laughing. She is simply beautiful...from her long eye lashes to her sweet little pouty lips. Her hair is hilariously gorgeous and often gets bows stuck in it that her sister won't wear. She is so verbal. She loves to coo and talk to us any chance she gets. She loves to lay and look at me and have conversations during her wake time. She seems a lot more verbal that Caroline was at this age. She is so smiley and happy during her "prime time" but then lets you know very quickly when that time is up and she's ready to be swaddled and laid back down. She likes to suck on her fingers and sometimes makes the LOUDEST noises doing it. I can't help but laugh out loud. Emily Anne, you are such a blessing to your family.

One of my greatest blessings in life has been having an older sister. I am SO thankful that I get to see Caroline and Emily enjoy one another as sisters. There is a bond like no other that sisters have- a best friend that you get to have your entire life no matter what. I love taking their pictures now because I know that years and years down the road they will be able to look back at them and know that this is when their friendship began. My sister and I used to always sing (and probably make up dances) to the song "Sisters" from the movie White Christmas. That song seems to be continuously playing in my mind when I see them together. They are blessed and don't even know it yet...but soon they will find out how much JOY they will bring one another.

Big sister at her finest...

Mommy lets me eat pudding all the time...by myself! (Why not? It washes off...and when else will you ever be able to smear chocolate pudding all over with out a single worry?)


  1. Your post makes me smile when I read them! You make me think that I might just might, could have another one... even when I sit back and think how hard and challenging it must be! You make it sound like it is ALL so worth it! :) Would love to talk to you again sometime soon!

  2. such sweet sweet pics!!! my fav is the one with brad and emily.....their expressions are too cute!!!