Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Mr. Ice Cream Man

Dear Mr. Ice Cream Man,

I don't know how to tell you this, but you are breaking my heart and the heart of a precious little girl DAILY!! We have been trying to chase you down for weeks now. Why won't you come down our street?

You tease us with that silly song you play and the bell you ring. We hear you on the streets nearby but can't see you. Sweet Caroline has spotted you and has fallen in love with you. Since then she screams "tuck! tuck!" all evening long after we hear your little tune. I sprint inside, grab the dollar that sits and waits on our foyer table, and give it to Caroline to hold.

We wait and wait. You never come around. Where are you Mr. Ice Cream Man? Why don't you like the corner of Brentwood and Audobon? Have we offended you? We would welcome you with open arms. Oh if you could look into my little girls eyes and see the DESIRE she has to see you and your truck. She doesn't even know what you have inside your truck...she just likes your music. It would entertain her to no end! She holds her crinkled up dollar for many minutes- usually about an hour as we play in the yard and listen to your music from afar.

Several times my husband has actually gotten in the car with Caroline to chase you down. Do you hide? Are you leading us on? Why can we not find you! All we want to do is look at you and listen to your music...and possibly dance a little if you know my little girl. Each night we go inside, hearts turned upside down in defeat and talk about hope for the next day. We will catch you. We will. Caroline continues to hold her hand up to her ear as if to say "Do you hear it??" hours after coming inside. Talk about a broken heart...I have wanted to cry.

So I will conclude this letter by saying this- If you will come by our house and let my sweetie enjoy your services- I promise to buy an ice cream everyday of the week. Even if it is right before dinner and it will spoil her supper. I need you. I need your music, your bell, I need you desperately. Please come by soon.

We will be waiting,



  1. I guess you need to load her up and bring her home so I can take her to the beach next week. They ice cream man drives up and down the beach all day everyday and Makenna would love to run out in front of his truck to stop it for sweet Caroline! Poor Baby!

  2. I have the same issue! except ours comes down our street but not until 8pm!!!! My baby goes to sleep at 6:30pm! So I am mad for two reasons...1: She misses it and 2: his stupid music has woken her up before! grrrr...

  3. Awe... i wish i was the ice cream man, I would bring her ice cream everyday!!!!

  4. Oh, Tessa!! I am crying and laughing at the same time!! This makes me want to say ugly things to the ice cream man. He better bring that baby an ice cream and soon!!! They do the same thing to us. Lane will sit alone in the driveway and wait, only to see the truck pass our street by. It's pitiful and it should be illegal to skip any street, lol!!! Either come down our streets or get out of our neighborhoods :)----Amber