Saturday, May 15, 2010

These are the days of our lives...

It seems like the Lord knows that after a bad day, we MUST have a good day in return for all the stress and mishaps from the day before. We had a great day yesterday. I loved spending time with my little angels. We got to meet Mary Ellen, Rachel and Paul for pizza last night at Larry's Pizza- it was great! Kind of like a Stevie B's, but they have lots more variety and a little better quality. A great place for the kids to be noisy and play. I think Caroline and Mary Ellen were a little small for the game room, but they sure did enjoy all the yummy pizza and dessert we continued give them. Their clothes and faces were COVERED by the time we left, but that is a sign of a good time!

Tonight when we said our blessing before we ate Caroline and Mary Ellen held hands! It was precious. CGH kept trying to hold her hand through out the rest of the meal, but I think her hands were so nasty ME decided to decline. :)

So...this is a little unique, but it's becoming a routine at our house. When Emily wakes up from her nap and Caroline is awake we both go in to play. Caroline loves to lay in the crib and be as close as she can to Em for a little while. Then when I take Emily out to nurse, Caroline stays in the crib and plays...instead of wallering all over us in the rocker or running around pulling everything out of drawers/closets. Emily's crib is FULL of toys, books- anything to entertain CGH while she has to stay in there. She even took her snack with her yesterday. It's fun to watch.

We got out sidewalk chalk for the first time yesterday and decorated daddy's parking spot. Caroline mimicked me while I was drawing but I am not sure she realized what we were doing. She is getting there though. She liked the feel of the chalk. Thankfully Brad made it home before it rained and got to see our message.

Caroline was sporting her Polo shirt that Aunt Nik gave her. She looked precious and she LOVED seeing the little horse on the front. She and Nik played over and over with one of the horses on Niki's shirt last time they were here and Caroline remembered. You can see her in the next picture checking out the horse. Thanks Aunt Nik for our cool clothes!!

Video #1- Caroline has mastered the art of drinking from a big girl cup!!! Crazy how this happened. She started wanting to eat cereal in the mornings when she saw me eating some. So she has had a tiny little bowl and cereal with a tiny bit of milk in it for the past few days. Well she was eating the cereal first, and then would automatically pick the bowl up and drink the milk out of it. I do not do this...she has not seen me do this, she just did it! So after a few days of watching her skip the cereal and go straight for the milk I thought I would give her a glass of milk and see how she did. She did so well!! Of course after the drinking she liked to "dip" everything into it, but for the most part she can do it. This video is at lunch time- she is very serious about her food here, but she uses her cup. I'm so proud...but not ready to lose the sippy cups quite yet!

This morning when I checked on Emily I saw that she had wiggled all the way down her sleep positioner, turned sideways and rolled to her belly to sleep...all while being wrapped up like a mummy in her swaddler. Pretty snazzy moves for an 11 week old. So when we were playing this morning she showed us a new trick...with a little assistance, but made us cheer!!

Here is Caroline celebrating her artwork...well, her encouragement during mommy's artwork. She is starting to try and say "I love you" sounds nothing like it, but she's at least trying. Watch her mouth at the very end of the video.

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