Friday, May 7, 2010

A girl after my own heart

Caroline may have you all fooled into thinking she's a bit of a tom boy. Yes, she loves playing rough, digging her fingernails in to the dirt, collecting rocks, and puppy dogs. But on the flip side, everyday is a spa day for Miss Caroline- baths, chocolate facials, water massage...take a peek.

Caroline had me so tickled the other night as she was waiting on her daddy to get home and give her her bath. She was running around in just her diaper and I thought she must be cold...she has a robe, lets put that on. Well, the robe was a bit small- But she looked so cute in it! Calling all her friends to chit chat

"Puh-leez get that camera out of my face mommy!"

Emily just day she will join in the fun.

"Ahhhh....I love life!"

1 comment:

  1. She's too cute, Tessa! This age is so fun. I love all their new discoveries. And times of making messes! ENJOY!