Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cousin Charlie Came for a visit!!

We had a blast with a full house this week! Cara and Charlie flew in on Sunday morning and stayed with us until today. We just hung around the house, played outside, took walks to the park and enjoyed watching the kids interact. It was so nice to have Cara here to "do life" with for a few days. Its so much more fun when you can share the fun of the day to day routines with. Charlie was a doll and slept so well while they were here so hopefully that means more trips will be planned. We were sad to see them off at the airport this afternoon, but we will see them again in 2 short weeks at the beach....oh the adventures we'll have then!
SHARING was a new lesson for both of these little ones. They did pretty well with it I think! :)

Three little monkeys jumping in the bed to wake up Miss Emily from her nap

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  1. That video is TOO cute. I wish 12 month old Ashlyn could have joined you. She's right in between Charlie & Caroline! In some ways little Caroline reminds me of her. TOO cute!