Thursday, May 27, 2010

Farmer Brad

Brad has a new hobby! He decided to plant a vegetable garden about 2 weeks ago. He started out with a few...and it grew and grew until he was making midnight runs to Walmart for more soil and pots. He also started a compost pile- so now I get to save all kinds of fun stuff to put out in it. ;) I took pictures the first week and have been trying to get them posted- so finally here they are. Brad wants me to keep taking pictures to track how much they grow each there will be more to come. He actually ended up moving some of these plants further down the "alley" so that they would get a little bit more sunlight, and this doesn't show the compost pile. He loves his garden...he comes home and asks about it everyday and takes the girls out to water it. We can't wait to see the produce start popping up. He planted tomatoes, green pepper, red pepper, zucchini, and squash (hope I didn't leave anything off the list). I am proud of my little midnight farmer...

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