Saturday, May 29, 2010

What do 18 month olds do?

First let me start by saying- WE FOUND THE ICE CREAM MAN!!! Yesterday evening Brad heard the music and they were able to get out there quick enough to catch it. I credit it to...her ice cream dress that she was wearing of course! Why didn't I think of that earlier?? We also learned a quick tidbit about this icecream WOMAN....since we live in the amazingly safe area of Cammack Village and we have our own police on patrol at all times, Nana Deb asked him yesterday if he could tell us when/where/usual routes that the ice cream truck takes around the neighborhood. He told us that he was also LOOKING for the ice cream truck because they do not have a permit to be in our neighborhood- everyone that comes through has to have a background check, etc. in order to interact with the children and families- pretty cool I thought. I am so thankful that we are in such a great neighborhood- a LITTLE different that Macon. :) So without further ado- here are some prized pictures of CGH and her ice cream. There is a video at the bottom too.

Caroline turned 18 months several weeks ago...on May 19th. Here is a little bit of what my precious little Caroline is up to these days. What do 18 month olds do?

They bathe there dolls and stuffed animals

They draw with sidewalk chalk

They put a diaper on any and every object she can find

They eagerly wait for daddy to get home (see video below)

They wear tutu's

They try out new hair do's...I attempted pig tails in the back.


  1. Love the pigtails! And I am so glad that Caroline got to get some ice cream from the ice cream truck!

  2. Sooo glad sweet caroline got her ice cream! too funny the police are after the ice cream lady. hehe!! And, LOVE the pigtails!!!! gonna try those out on cam today. thanks for the inspiration! :)