Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 & 3

So, as sure as I posted how marvelous day 1 and 1/2 were going on our potty training journey- Caroline woke up from her nap and had a run of 4 accidents in a row. Then again the next day she did the same thing...not as many times, but after nap seems to be our pitfall! So I am watching ever so carefully today. She has started initiating/asking/telling me when she feels like going, probably 50% of the time. I am going to continue on...hoping that day 4 gives me a boost of confidence that she will in fact one day be trained. She has not required or asked for as many prizes today- she is doing it on her own, so that's a step in the right direction I suppose.

During nap time she wears a diaper and it has stayed dry all 3 days. During the night she wears a diaper and it is soaked by the morning. But I am not worried about nighttime training yet. She had a fever bug get her yesterday evening so that may have led to some of our issues yesterday. She was extra irritable, whiny, and just not thrilled over the potty yesterday. But today was a new day, and she's doing great. And I give myself a B+ for not getting too frustrated and not throwing up. Seriously. The little potty is nice because she can sit on it herself, not fall off, etc. but the disposal of the contents gets me a little nauseous. And the rinsing of "accident" panties and then the laundry load with all the panties...just a bit gross. BUT that is why we are working toward the goal of potty training in the first place. No more gross-ness for mommy!!

Our bathroom is tiny. TINY. It gets quite interesting when all 3 of us are in there "potty partying" all at once! We have pulled in so many books, puzzles, and new toys that it seems to be the hot spot for all the playing through out the day...even for Emily (note to self...ALWAYS remember to close the potty lids or little hands will play!) Caroline keeps asking if sissy will use the potty...not a bad idea, but I think she's bit young. Would be nice to do it in one fowl swoop though. Next year at this time will be Emily's chance. Yahoo.


  1. So proud of you, girl!! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I am right there with you! Jade is in her 3rd week of wearing panties. (She has been staying dry in Pull Ups for a while.) Panties take training to a NEW level. It's a total commitment on mommy's part. The accident underwear are my issue. Wonder what the best way is? There is NO way I could cloth diaper. I am so proud of her and am glad that this is my last run through pottying- I think, hope, and pray! :)