Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Since the previous post was all about Caroline...here is one to catch you up on Miss Emily Anne at 10 1/2 months.
Emily is getting more teeth- She has had 6 for awhile- 2 bottom, 4 top, and now 2 more bottom ones are coming in!!
She is sleeping through the night (7-6 (feed at 6, back down til 7:30-8)...and if she does wake up...I don't hear her because our monitor is officially so warped that I can't hear her. A blessing in disguise??
She is crawling at lightening speed.
She will stand for a few seconds unsupported...but prefers to get down and move on her own.
She loves to stick her tongue out like a frog (see video below:)
She puts on a flashy smile EVERY time a camera comes out. She is such a ham. She loves to smile!!
She is babbling- may be saying "Elmo" for her first word. She is OBSESSED with him in such a cute way. She looks for him in all her books, and will zoom in on him when she spots him. Deb and I think we heard her trying to say it.
She moves her mouth/lips like she is speaking sometimes...but nothing comes out! It makes me laugh. She is not silent thought- lots of squeals, squawks, growls, and other fun sounds are always heard.
She keeps up right along side the fast pace of her big sister.
She loves books now! PTL I thought she was never going to show interest!!
She giggles and will try to make me smile at all times. She will make silly faces until I smile just to catch my eye/attention.
Chases Caroline down if big sis has a snack...and WILL conquer the snack. Always. And I give in and let her. Little sis has defiantly gotten her share of first foods A LOT earlier than Caroline. I don't think I introduced poptarts at 9 months...but I can't remember! :) JK. Of course I didn't...and Emily only gets them if she is really quick and super fast when neither Caroline and I are looking.
She is starting to show signs of readiness to wean...which makes me sad, but I know it's a step in the right direction. I'm ready, considering she is only 1.5 months away from turning ONE!!! AGHHHH.
She is SO content playing on her own. She will go from one room, to the next, to the next and just find things to play with, go through, and play happily on her own. Something #1 would NEVER do...even today!
She has a very similar disposition/ENERGY that Caroline has. I think we may have 2 peas in a pod when it comes to excitability and on-the-constant-go factor. Never a dull, slow, or uneventful minute in our house. Ever. I love it though. They keep me going.
Emily caused me make my first "Poison Control" phone call today- she got into Caroline BIG tub of Beaudreauxs Butt Paste while we weren't looking...her sweet tiny hands were covered in it, and of course, they went straight to her mouth. I am POSITIVE she didn't like the taste of it and I caught her in the act, but the label said to call so I did (after talking to our pediatrician). They said not to worry...and I said, Oh, I wasn't (I just quickly grabbed her up, wiped her hands down, and grabbed Caroline's apple juice for her to gulp down in case she needed to wash it down)...I just wanted to follow the correct protocol. :)I am fairly certain (ok, positive!) that I have ingested some kind of paste at some point in the craziness of diaper changes these 2 years. It's not half bad...hahahha. JK. JK.
She loves food. All kinds. At all times. So thankful I have good eaters.
She is so ticklish! And I happen to LOVE tickling her to hear her sweet little squeals!
So there is a quick Emily update.
And one more thing...I ordered her 1st birthday invitations. Wow. Talk about mind blowing. Is my baby REALLY turning ONE??? It feels like yesterday that we came home from the hospital with our sweetie. Wow.
This video is from before Christmas, but so cute, I had to share.

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