Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Score: Diapers-1 Tessa-0

Yes, we are waving the white flag of surrender for the time being on the potty training. Caroline has regressed so crazily...we did perfect the first week...and then went downhill from there. I am tired of changing dirty clothes. I am tired of trying so stinking hard to make her stay on the potty until she is done with her "business". So yesterday we had this conversation:
Caroline- Fresh diaper mommy.
Me-No baby, we only have panties now. We don't have anymore diapers.
Caroline- Mommy go store buy diapers.
This morning when I asked her if she wanted panties or diapers she requested diapers.
So....after lots of thought, I think we'll just try again in a little while. Trying not to have any shame in my defeat. It's tough. I think, just like EVERY thing else with children, they will do it when they are READY. Not when mommy is ready. ;)


  1. Probably a good decision. Jade only wants panties...Caroline will grow into them. Try again in a couple of months.

  2. ok...not on potty training yet, but MOMMY is ready for tanner to drink milk but apparently TANNER is not ready (oh so true that they will do things when they want). any tips on getting a 1 year old to drink cows milk? he'll drink water out of sippy cup no problem, but i try milk (any kind-mixed, unmixed) and he's not having it! UGH! any suggestions?

  3. You're doing the right thing, girl! There is no shame in it! I can't blame you at all!

  4. Tessa... Liza did the EXACT same thing! We actually went from the week before Thanksgiving to around Christmas completely in panties... she progressively started hating it more and more and more. I decided to can "potty wise" -gasp!- and go with my mommy instincts. I had the same feelings of guilt and shame....wondered if I "didn't do it right"....all that stuff... But I think you are right....they will be ready when they are ready. Let's just say we gave our little ones some "good practice." :) They will be superstars next go round! ;)

  5. ...and Camden gets the award on this one...we have tried twice with very few successes....our last being an 8 day stretch with only 2 successes! ahh! funny story today though: i pick her up from the church nursery and they tell me she ppd in the potty!>>...what??! she had on a diaper?! guess peer pressure might be what works for my sweet girl....apparently several of the other kids were being taken to the potty and i'm guessing that is what prompted her decision. ...btw, we are still in a diaper..i asked when we got home is she wanted to wear her big girl underware and she said "diaper." :)