Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out on the town!

Thanks to our wonderful friends and family who gave us memberships we have been living it up in Little Rock the past 2 days. We were STIR CRAZY because we stayed in the house all last week potty training and then got snowed in the beginning of this week So we hit the ground running yesterday. We went to the Wonderplace and then today we met Amber and Levi and the Museum of Discovery and then had lunch at Chick fil a. The girls and I enjoyed getting out- even though it was 22 degrees and the wind chill felt like 9 degrees. We can't wait for it to warm up and use our Zoo membership! I have a feeling these 3 places are going to get to know us VERY well this year.

Update: Potty training is going...well, it's going. Some days are better than others. Yesterday we braved it and went to the Wonderplace. Within 10 minutes we had a YUCKY accident on our hands (literally!:)But then she was fine the rest of the day. Today we tried again, visited the museum (she used the potty there) and then Chick fil a (total of 2.5 hours) and had NO accidents. She doesn't enjoy sitting on the potty anymore and never wants to go unless bribery is in full swing. So maybe we've made it to the "regression" stage...and hopefully we'll be passing through this stage and running towards home plate?? We'll see. I am proud of her. But it's not fun and NOT easy to change poopy pants a)in a public place b) with a 10 1/2 month old pulling up on you c) a very wiggly 2 year old. BUT we will survive. My sweet friend Kristina is starting the potty training with her 2 year old and we both keep each other updated on the FUN events of our days. We have opted for the notion that each accident we clean up earns us 1 Dr. Pepper. Needless to say, I've been hyped up on my favorite drink!

I also would like to "retract" my naive statement about not putting my child on a public potty. Since I wrote that (maybe 48 hours ago??) Caroline's little hiney has sat on approximately 4 public toilets. My sweet friend Amber was kind enough to hold in her "I told you so!" as a more seasoned mommy of 2, but I laughed, admitted my fallacy and now proudly say- we will use a potty anywhere...after a wipe down of course...if it means we will not have an accident in our pants! So thank you to all those who read my post a few days ago and laughed at my comment...still living and learning. :)

Don't really have any other news to post about...and not even any pictures. Just a few quiet minutes to update.


  1. We are so glad the Museum of Discovery was a fun visit for you...including "going" on the public potty. HURRAY for no messes! Please let us know if we can be part of future bribes, er, encouragements!
    Katie McManners
    Marketing Director, Museum of Discovery