Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family Pictures

Deb and Niki made a quick trip to Little Rock this past weekend! We had a blast from the time they arrived on Saturday until they left Tuesday morning. We had a ton of fun catching up, cooking, having tea parties, planning Emily's birthday party, and just "playing" with the girls. Thank you Delta for your last minute airfare specials. We really appreciated how willing Deb and Nik were to work their schedules out and make this trip happen. As always, if Nik is around...so is her camera and her fabulous picture taking skills. We took some pictures Sunday afternoon. Thanks Niki once again!


  1. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! How did you get so many good ones!?!? The girls' red hair looks absolutely beautiful too - so stunning!

    I just love your family and we will miss those adorable girls so much!!!

    Love and blessings, Laura :)

  2. Thanks, Tessa and Niki for sharing these pictures. Love 'em all.