Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Riding the Potty Train Day 1 Recap

These entries are totally for me to journal the adventures in potty training with Caroline. So, if you have no interest...come back another day for something more interesting.

I was terrified but excited to think that the end of diapers is in sight for Caroline. We started potty training yesterday- January 3rd. She is 2 years (almost 2 yr 2 months) and I know she is ready. So we started off by building it up big time the weekend before- telling her that soon she would get to wear her big girl panties. I got a bunch of sugary, yummy, not good for you treats that I knew she would love. Her pal "Violet" is getting potty trained alongside her...she wears big girl panties too.

So the method I am implementing is based off of a quick read of the Toddlerwise potty training synopsis. I simply ask her about every 15 minutes "Are you dry?" and if she says yes- she gets a treat. Then about every 30-45 minutes we go and sit on the potty, and if she goes (which she always does) then she gets 2 prizes- 1 for being dry, and 1 for using the potty. She has such good control and understands the process so she has done fabulous. All day long I am watching her, evaluating her "squirms" and making sure I remember to follow the potty schedule! So far, 1 1/2 days into it- no accidents!! She has started to tinkle a tiny bit in her panties twice...but I have caught it and we ran to the potty and she finished in the potty. All #2's have been in the potty...and they are a bit more tricky, but oh she gets excited when it happens! It's truly hilarious to see her reaction. I will praise her and give her a high five, and today after the high five she said "Knuckles!!" and wanted me to do "knuckles" with her like her daddy taught her. Precious. She cracks me up with her baby/mommy association with everything thing in life...even her potty. She calls it a big poopoo or a baby poopoo. All day long I tell her "Keep your big girl panties clean and dry. We need to make sure all our poopoo and peepee goes in the potty, not your panties." When she did tinkle a bit in her panties those 2 times, she apologized to Dora...it was priceless. I assured her it was OK and totally fine. She is such a sweetheart.

So that is my method...no super fancy tricks. Just a lot of sugar. I am sure a dentist would not approve of my sugary treat/candy method...but those baby teeth fall out anyway right?? JK. It won't be the death of her, and besides, if she has teeth like her mommy, she is already in for a terrible ride, why not enjoy it now?? LOL JK AGAIN. And the treats/prizes don't last forever. After this week, they will disappear...I think.

All in all I am SO proud of her and so amazed at how she has transitioned flawlessly into each new stage and habit in her life so far. She amazes me. I know that I am only barely 2 days into this, but I vowed NEVER to go backwards once we started this, so I have to be consistent. Which means we are stuck in the house ALL DAY long for this week to make sure we get this right, but we are enjoying lazy pajama days after having a house full of company for the holidays. Brad made the comment that it felt weird to hold her without her diaper on...and it's true! You get so used to it. She seems so BIG without it on. This has really made me realize how fast she is growing up. SLOW DOWN time!!


  1. So glad you are blogging about this honeypot!! I hope to start maybe around Feb or March and will CHERISH your advice and encouragement. I really dread it!

  2. I'm so happy that it is going well! Caroline is so smart, I knew she would catch on like a pro! I love that Violet has been 'training' with her and I love her concern for Dora too! :) What a sweetie!!! Good job mama- sounds like you handled it all like a pro yourself!!! :)