Thursday, January 27, 2011


Last weekend our family had a few new firsts.
Brad, Niki, and I climbed Pinnacle Mountain. It was beautiful...and a bit more of a hike than either Niki or I envisioned. It was a lot of fun and I am glad that we can check that off of our "to do in Little Rock" list. Hopefully we will get to do it again. Deb kept the girls at the park down below while we had our fun.

Caroline has really enjoyed playing with her new teapot set that she got for Christmas. When she woke up from her nap I decided we would have a REAL tea party. I really didn't have enough time to set it up like I normally would, but we improvised, threw a pink boa on Caroline and had warm tea, yummy tea cakes, and fun times around the table. There are MANY more of these parties to be had with me and my 2 girls...I love tea parties!

We got to see a totally different "side" of Caroline this weekend at Chick fil a. Ummm...she basically assaulted her first baby. Yes. I said assaulted. So here is the way the story went:

Deb, Nik, Emily, Caroline and I were playing in the play area and were getting ready to leave. Caroline started adamantly demanding to get out of the room, screaming "BABY! BABY!" As I was trying to get Em's shoes and coat on, I held on to Caroline like a wild horse as she continued to fight to get herself out the door. I assumed that she was calling for the "baby" we had met earlier while we were eating...not so much. I was not prepared for what was about to happen, and I know my story is not doing the situation justice. But, I opened the door, Emily in my arms, Caroline running out in front of me. Well there was a nice family of 4 sitting immediately outside of the playroom- with a baby boy, a big brother, and a mom and dad. They were sitting, quietly enjoying their chicken sandwiches until my wild stallion BOLTED out of the playroom, ran up to the little baby, and straight SMACKED him right on the head. Yes. Smacked the fire out of his little bald, round head.!!!!

I think all of our eyes about popped out of our heads (mine, Deb's, the parents sitting across from their little baby, and SURELY the poor little boy!) Time stood still for about 2 seconds, I collected myself, gave Emily to Deb, and confronted Caroline.

1st response- "CAROLINE!!! No! We don't hit!! No, no, no, no, no!! I am SOOOO sorry!!! She has never done that before." I popped her little hand and sternly told her that we didn't hit people, which then lead her to lay a big fat KISS on the little one's cheek and say "I sorry." Precious...but what in the world??? 2 totally different affections for this little boy. We apologized profusely and as we walked away I stopped again, and one-on-one reiterated to Caroline the importance of not hitting other children. She understood and said she was sorry. She was not trying to be mean or ugly to the boy, and I still don't know what her motive was, but she floored us! I wanted to be the "good mom" and discipline appropriately so that the other parents didn't think I was someone who just lets my child bully others....but after the fact all I could do was giggle and laugh out loud the entire way home replaying the scenario in my mind. I think it was the big, round, bald head that was calling out to be popped. She may have been just "touching" it...with the heavy hands of a 2 year old??? Who knows, but it was hilarious, embarrassing and totally a lesson learned for both mommy and Caroline. The child's parents were so sweet, after their shock wore off, they said that he had an older brother so that it probably didn't phase him, and they told her "Thanks for the kiss!" Wow. Glad they weren't confrontational or it could have been a bit more awkward. Oh my.
NEVER a dull moment with my sweetie. And no, I didn't ask the family if I could reenact the slap for a blog worthy picture. Sorry.

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  1. i'll tell shaefer to watch out and be on guard next time we see sweet caroline.....hahahaha!! :)