Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 4= All Smiles!

Yahoo!! Day 4 was amazing- no accidents and a happy girl! She initiated the potty usage instead of me dragging her in there every 30 minutes. She didn't need as many rewards and she kept reminding ME of the fact that her panties were clean and dry. I think she's getting it! She also was procrastinating last night as we were putting her to bed...and she pulled the potty card! Of course she had her diaper on to wear through the night, but about 5 minutes after we put her to bed, she was saying, "Toot. Tooted. PooPoo. Mommy! Potty!!" So I went in and let her get out of bed to go sit on the potty. Of course once we were in the bathroom she said, "Play mommy. Few minutes??" She did in fact use the potty, but she totally wanted to get out of bed. Oh boy...we may have started something. I didn't feel like I could tell her, no, use your diaper- when ALL we have been working on this week is using the potty! I guess we'll see tonight if she really wants to play that game. :) I was just proud of her for telling us!

Today- day 5 is going well. She initiated all morning long, and has had one accident after lunch, but she for the most part seems POTTY TRAINED!!! We'll see. I'm still not sure how we are going to leave the house. #1- She will have to wear pants. #2-I know she'll be so busy playing that more accidents will occur #3- I am not going to sit her sweet little tushy on any nasty, dirty, store potties. So...any ideas on how to progress to the next step? I am getting a bit stir crazy sitting at home. But it's worth it.

Shout out to all my support...couldn't done it without your encouraging texts, phone calls, and conversations. You would think we were running a marathon here. That may in fact be easier....

And now for some pictures of my lovely ladies. I am loving the sister-action going melts my heart! To the eye of a normal person, this might look like a lot of yellow shirt, same pose pictures. But to their mommy...each picture is different! :)

Quick riddle for you:
Q:How do you get Emily to smile for you?
A:Just look at her.
Q:How do you get Caroline to smile for you?
A:Have her hang upside down and giggle your head off at the fact that she is upside down

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  1. Take spray Lysol, or those ani-baterial wipes everywhere, and clean the top of the public potties. I was mortified too, but I just told Leah to hold on to me and not touch anything. We also took those travel potties with us on road trips, so we could stop anywhere and it worked great.